Top 50 Must-Read Blogs Before Attending Grad School

Those who have just completed four years of college are probably the last who would want to sign up for another round. However, hundreds of thousands of students do just that by signing on to a graduate school for a master’s, PhD, or other degree. With loads applying, few being accepted, and even fewer graduating, it can all seem like a daunting task that perhaps may seem not worth the effort.

For those on the fence about whether or not to attend graduate school to those who already know which and how they are applying to, we have gathered these top 50 must read blogs before attending grad school. A whole host of experts and students discuss everything from the applications process to how to pay for an education.

Top Must-Read Admission Blogs Before Attending Grad School

  1. College Admissions For five years, Allen directed Alfred University’s First-Year Experience Program to help students make the challenging transition from high school to college. He now serves as the guide to it and strives to make the admissions process less confusing and stressful. Useful tips include test scores, being waitlisted, and even what to do if you’re rejected.
  2. The Ivy Coach So how do all those Ivy League students get into the grad school of their choice? Contact the pro’s at the Ivy Coach for a free 30 minute consultation to find out. The blog is also a great read for any student at the admission stage.
  3. Get Into College Blog A professional college counselor in NYC posts inside tips every week. Standout entries include little discussed items like what to do in a college interview and why volunteering isn’t as important as you think. There are even tips on choosing a major and not being frustrated by a low GPA.
  4. How to Get In This blog is part of the Edvisors Company. They have tips for everything from how to prepare for college to how to pay for it. Recent entries are on how to use the internet to find scholarships and finance.
  5. College Admissions Blog Get a college guide and search advice at this blog. Marcia Y. Cantarella has been sharing the low down on college admissions since 2005, making her one of the most experienced admissions bloggers on the web. One of her latest topics was on not being afraid of failure.
  6. The Choice Join Jacques Steinberg, “New York Times” education writer, as he and his colleagues examine all facets of the college admissions process. This includes tips for making a list, filing applications, and many other resources. One of the most recent entries was a chart on waitlists.
  7. The Admission Game Visit here for student centered solutions for college planning. Peter Van Buskirk is head of The Admission Game and focuses on connecting students and their families with the best in post-secondary education. He even discusses how C students can get a great education.
  8. Application Boot Camp Dr. Michele Hernandez and Mimi Doe cofounded Application Boot Camp LLC after publishing their best-selling book, “Don’t Worry: You’ll Get In” in 2005. In addition to consultations, you can also read their expert advice on the blog. A recent entry focused on easing parent’s fears.
  9. College Admissions Counseling They specialize in helping students find the right college. Resources include admissions, the process, rankings, and even a college of the month. They also have specific items such as how the new MCAT affects grad students.
  10. College Admissions Blog Part of Admissions Consultants, this is a blog and company that helps students get into college. Choices include specialty sections for graduate students including law, medical, and MBA. News items pertaining to college admissions are often shared.

Top Must-Read Admissions Blogs by a School

  1. Prep Talk Andrew Flagel is the Dean of Admissions at George Mason University, which he describes as “the greatest institution in the history of mankind.” With over 20 years’ of experience on the subject, he gives an insider look on how the admission’s process works. Be sure not to miss his videocast with more.
  2. Hopkins Insider Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Admissions Office here. It is presented by admissions staff members Daniel Creasy and Shannon Miller. Everything from admitted students to the waitlist is discussed.
  3. OSU Admissions Blog Click here for the official blog of Oregon State University’s Office of Admissions. Some of the topics covered include campus life, financial aid and scholarships, and even special items for graduate students. One of the most recent entries was on their Mom’s Weekend.
  4. Inside the Dean’s Office Lee Coffin is the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Tufts University. However, his tips for the admissions and applications process are worthy of any student. He also participates in the selection of their School of Arts & Sciences.
  5. Tulane University Admission Blog A Tulane graduate himself, Jeff Schiffman is now their Associate Director of Admission. He is also a student recruiter and has loads to say on campus activities and admissions.
  6. Advice About the UGA Admission Process You don’t have to be an applicant to the University of Georgia to utilize this blog, but it doesn’t hurt. The blog contains helpful hints for prospective students and parents from the Senior Associate Director of Operations and Selection. One of the latest posts was on how to do a Commitment Deposit.
  7. Justin Mohney He is the Assistant Director of Admission at Carnegie Mellon University. Get tips for academics, admissions, financial aid, and more with a visit. Goings on at the school are also discussed.
  8. Notes from Peabody The applications process for the University of Virginia is discussed here among other things. Questions from prospective students are often the subject of blog posts. The most recent was on diversity.
  9. The Uncommon Blog The Office of College Admissions at the University of Chicago authors this blog. Categories include items such as first year applicants and even international ones. The subject of unusual majors was recently discussed.
  10. Prospects and Providence This is a blog project of the Brown University Admission Office. A variety of admission professionals stop by to weigh in. Although they can go a while between entries, the tips are useful.

Top Must-Read Student Blogs Before Attending Grad School

  1. GradShare Both new and experienced grad students come here to blog about their collective experiences. Their blogs are written by experts in graduate education, all former and current grad students, who grapple with the same challenges you face each day. Check out the most recent posts, or visit the answers or expert advice sections.
  2. The Prudent Student You won’t find the usual rants found in other blogs here. This is more of a massive site for students across the country. They feature thousands of interviews with hundreds of schools to bring you the best in all.
  3. College Confidential Another group blog, literally thousands of students come here to write and read about graduate school. There are loads of featured discussions to take part in, along with forums on admissions, financial aid, and much more. You can also search for content on schools in specialty criteria.
  4. My College Calendar This blog is a virtual calendar of what to expect during the admissions process, as well as college life. Get a week by week guide on what to do and the best ways to do it. There is also a special section for parents.
  5. Adventures in Gradland She started the blog as a way to provide information to potential and current grad students including advice on grad student living, rants about grant applications and department funding cuts, and debates about the hot-button topics within her field. She also includes interesting items on a humanities graduate program called “Good Reason to Go” and “Bad Reasons to Go.”
  6. Hack College The team of bloggers here have loads to say on what is wrong with grad school and college, along with how to make it right. Tips include how to save money, study, and loads of tech minded ones. One of the most recent was how to sync Facebook and Google Calendar.
  7. Life After College No one knows that the story doesn’t end after graduation better than Jenny Blake. She specializes in giving college grads tips and resources for life, work, and money after college. She is currently focusing on one to one coaching for recent graduates.
  8. Studennomics 2.0 Because money matters before, during, and after grad school, there is this blog. These bloggers show you how to kill debt that can pile up during school and have more money now. Popular entries include “10 Ways to Speed up the Repayment of Your Student Loan” and “What You Need to Ask Debt Consolidation Services.”
  9. College Times Want to know the best colleges for aspiring writers and others? Then check out this blog for these and many other answers to your specific questions. Other popular articles include U.S. sex laws and choosing the best laptop for college.
  10. Better Grads They connect alumni of public high schools back to their alma maters as mentors to current students. Many students at all levels participate to learn and share what they have learned. You can also check out the blog with more.

Top Must-Read Specialty Student Blogs Before Attending Grad School

  1. Ramblings of a Graduate Student Patrick T. Marsh is a PhD student in the School of Meteorology (SoM) at the University of Oklahoma. A future weatherman, he has loads to forecast on grad school as well. The weather itself also makes it into posts.
  2. GPIA/ Milano Grad School Blog Visit here for a blog by students from The GPIA/Milano New School for Management and Urban Policy. They discuss everything from the applications process to finals. Daily life at the school is often shared.
  3. NASSR Graduate Student Caucus Homepage Resources for graduate students of romantic literature can be found here. Although related topics are usually discussed, they occasionally drift into graduate school in general. For example, one recent article was on the legitimacy of the graduate student.
  4. JD Law Students Blog Are future lawyers really as studious as they would have us think? Get the answer by reading this blog from the JD candidates at the Vermont Law School to find out. Several bloggers discuss everything from admissions to the BAR.
  5. AMS Graduate Student Blog Get a blog for and by math grad students here. The blog is part of a cooperative with the American Mathematical Society. In addition to math, they also discuss news, teaching, and more.
  6. “>July Dream She is a former graduate student from the Darden School of Business. In addition to checking out posts on graduate school life, you can also read about how she is doing now. The blog is full of anecdotes of life and relationships as they have been and will be.

  7. New Kid on the Hallway Follow this blogger as they travel through an anonymous grad school. A law student, they discuss many real life topics in a frank way. One of the most recent was on an ad campaign.
  8. The Road Less Traveled Beth Routledge stands out for being both a graduate student and an international one. She is a fourth year medical student at the University of Glasgow. A blogger for over ten years, there is little she hasn’t discussed.
  9. Restless Med Student Chakurino was raised in Tijuana and admittedly jumped the fence and got into school for both undergraduate and medical studies. The blog is his insight and commentary on his journey. A recent entry was on his favorite doctor’s quotes.
  10. UNL Political Science Graduate Student Blog Although there is an overload of political blogs on the web, this one is written especially by grad students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Humor, politics, and everything in between is features. You can also get inside looks at grad school life.

Top Must-Read Blogs Before Paying for Grad School

  1. Planning and Preparing for College Scholarships, internships, and more are all discussed here. The blog is intended to be used as a preparation infrastructure on various areas of college topics. New items and awards are often featured.
  2. International Financial Aid Blog Are you a student coming to study from overseas? Then check out this blog to learn more about the financial aid options available to you. Local students can also use it to learn about international opportunities.
  3. The Go Financial Aid Blog Visit here for information on financial aid applications, education loans, scholarships, and grants. Based in Pittsburgh, they also discuss the FAFSA and CSS profile. Recent posts were on financial aid disbursement and how to get it.
  4. FAFSA Blog The Free Application for Federal Student Aid can be a nightmare for any student. Make it a tad easier by visiting this blog. There are also other resources for paying for school to be found..
  5. Graduate School Tara Kuther is a professor of psychology at Western Connecticut State University but has also found success in blogging on graduate schools for There are many entries on paying for grad school from an expert. You can even check out entries on what to expect during it.
  6. Graduate Student Grant/ Fellowship Blog See how you can pay for school with grants or fellowships on this blog. The Assistant Dean of Students for Admissions and Fellowships in the Division of the Humanities at the University of Chicago authors it. Opportunities across the country are often discussed.
  7. Student Loan Down Students interested in taking out a loan for school can visit here to learn more. A group of bloggers with Wells Fargo discuss many common and uncommon topics surrounding loans. You can also get tips for students on managing debt.
  8. Student Loan Blog This blog and site focus on both the student loan and scholarships. Best student loans offered and new scholarships are regularly discussed. There are also tips for what to do after graduation.
  9. The Mad Grad Think that after you graduate school you will get a job right away for good money? So did these bloggers. However, reality turned out to be different and they show how you can spend as little time between the two goals as possible.
  10. Stay Out of School Because one of the easiest ways to not pay for school is not to go, there is this blog. It discusses and advocates critical thinking inside and outside of the classroom. Categories include creativity, culture, education, and even thinking out loud.

Although there are many opinions and expert advice in the above top 50 must read blogs before attending grad school, only you and your family can decide which grad school, education, and means to pay it all with are best for you.

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