Salary Information for Online Master’s

Interested in making more money? Who isn’t, right? One of the quickest ways to boost you salary is to earn a masters degree in your field. At one time, this required lots of work, as you had to commute to a campus to take classes, fitting your schedule around your advanced schooling. Today, however, online schools make it easy to earn your masters degree – and all without leaving the comfort of your own home. This is still a time commitment, however, and it is also a financial commitment for most (although online schools are less expensive, they certainly aren’t free unless you earn a number of scholarships and grants). Is earning your online masters degree worth it? Let’s take a look at salary information to find out.

Salary Expectations for Various Degree Types

It’s hard to pin down exactly how much you’ll earn one you have a masters degree from an online college, since salaries vary greatly from industry to industry. However, you’re guaranteed to earn more if you have no education at all, and most people earn significantly more than they did with just a lower-level degree. On average, with a master’s degree you can expect to earn…

  • $10,000 more than you would with a bachelor’s degree
  • $20,000 more than you would with an associate’s degree
  • $22,000 more than you would with some college experience
  • $27,000 more than you would with a high school diploma or GEDs
  • $33,000 more than you would as a high school drop-outs

That means that over the course of just 20 years (and most people work much longer than that), you’ll earn $200,000 to $660,000 more if you get a master’s degree in your field of choice – and in some fields, the salary potential is even higher.

Online Masters Versus Traditional Masters

But what about getting your education online – will you earn as much as you would if you got your degree at a brick and mortar school? By and large, that depends on your potential employers. In the past, employers didn’t take online degree students as seriously in many cases, but today, most employers don’t care where you went to school as long as it was an accredited program. So while there are still some employers out there who are leery of online college degree holders, most offer just as high of a salary as those employers who earned their degrees more traditionally.

Online Masters Degree Program Information

Liberty University The respected Liberty University offers a variety of accredited online masters degree programs. These programs follow industry-driven curriculum available in a convenient medium. Each course can be completed on a timeline comfortable to you. These degrees are designed for students who want to teach in general education or specialize in math or reading, those who want to further their career in nursing or accounting, or students who want to enter marriage & family therapy.
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Walden University Walden University has a huge variety of online, accredited Masters degrees to select from, including some of the most popular degrees like Nursing, Public Health, Accounting, Business Administration, and Psychology. In addition to being an affordable option for students, all of the Masters programs can be completed in under 2 years, making WU a quick way to advance your career.s
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Boston University Highly-rated and respected in the education industry, Boston University provides esteemed masters degree programs that specialize in various fields. These program use fast-paced curriculum, available through online courses to give students the option on where and what pace to complete their education. These online programs are designed for those who are interested in becoming a teacher in high level art courses, entering high level criminal justice positions, becoming a project manager, pursuing a career as an information systems analyst, being an IT manager, or playing a key role on the social work industry.
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Post University Post University offers a degree at every level, which makes it an excellent choice for students no matter where they are in their college or professional careers. Moreover, Post University has several accredited Masters degree programs available through online courses which can be completed in as little as 18 months. Students will be able to pursue careers upon graduating in the fields of business administration, public administration, education, and human services.
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Kaplan University Kaplan University offers a huge range of accredited online masters degree programs. These programs offer a fast-paced curriculum and flexibility to students with busy or complex schedules since they can be completed at any computer in an environment of your choosing. These programs help students find positions that can influence public health policies, fill many high level positions in education, advance their career in teaching, become a psychologist further their nursing career, enter high level positions in the finance industry, fill leadership roles in governmental management or even public administration, or pursue a career in accounting.
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