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In many contexts, the study and activity associated with public administration is not unlike traditional business. The primary difference is that while many business outlets utilize finance, budgeting, and management techniques to operate toward a corporate profit, public administration outlets – such as governments or non-profits – operate toward serving a specific set of public constituents.

What is this degree/program of study about?

Students who obtain a master of public administration (MPA) degree will be able to properly apply management theory to public administration settings, analyze the needs of stakeholders in the development of public policy, and evaluate public administration trends and strategies for financing government projects, development, and operations.

What does it take to earn this degree, and what will it result in for graduates?

Once admitted to a typical MPA program, students will experience such coursework as organizational behavior, business ethics and social responsibility, human resources management, contemporary issues in organizational leadership, and public financial management, among other curriculum. Career opportunities for those who complete an applicable master of public administration program may include that of urban planner, non-profit director, policy analyst or legislative adviser. With expected job growth of 19 percent in the decade leading up to 2018, urban planners also enjoy a median salary just shy of $60,000 annually (

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Liberty University The respected Liberty University offers a variety of accredited online masters degree programs. These programs follow industry-driven curriculum available in a convenient medium. Each course can be completed on a timeline comfortable to you. These degrees are designed for students who want to teach in general education or specialize in math or reading, those who want to further their career in nursing or accounting, or students who want to enter marriage & family therapy.
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Walden University Walden University has a huge variety of online, accredited Masters degrees to select from, including some of the most popular degrees like Nursing, Public Health, Accounting, Business Administration, and Psychology. In addition to being an affordable option for students, all of the Masters programs can be completed in under 2 years, making WU a quick way to advance your career.s
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Boston University Highly-rated and respected in the education industry, Boston University provides esteemed masters degree programs that specialize in various fields. These program use fast-paced curriculum, available through online courses to give students the option on where and what pace to complete their education. These online programs are designed for those who are interested in becoming a teacher in high level art courses, entering high level criminal justice positions, becoming a project manager, pursuing a career as an information systems analyst, being an IT manager, or playing a key role on the social work industry.
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Post University Post University offers a degree at every level, which makes it an excellent choice for students no matter where they are in their college or professional careers. Moreover, Post University has several accredited Masters degree programs available through online courses which can be completed in as little as 18 months. Students will be able to pursue careers upon graduating in the fields of business administration, public administration, education, and human services.
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Kaplan University Kaplan University offers a huge range of accredited online masters degree programs. These programs offer a fast-paced curriculum and flexibility to students with busy or complex schedules since they can be completed at any computer in an environment of your choosing. These programs help students find positions that can influence public health policies, fill many high level positions in education, advance their career in teaching, become a psychologist further their nursing career, enter high level positions in the finance industry, fill leadership roles in governmental management or even public administration, or pursue a career in accounting.
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