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The Ultimate Grad School Survival Guide

If you’ve been accepted into a master’s program, you may innately know that this level of schooling can be fierce. Additionally, your anxiety (as well as excitement) can feel overwhelming for this unknown experience. But, you can begin your research before you even begin your classes, by learning more about what you’ll need during your two-year master’s program. No matter your major, this guide can help you survive most grad school issues, such as learning how to read effectively and how to get ahead on some work that may fall into your lap during your second year. The following lists are categorized by your first and second years in school, and details a process that takes you from being a knowledge consumer to a knowledge producer. (more…)

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20 Must-Have Apps to Turn Your iPhone Into Your Personal Computer

As anyone with an iPhone knows, it can replace just about any resource in the modern day world including day minder, contact book, game station, library, accountant, master’s degree, all while making the occasional phone call. But those of us who grew up in the tech era just might be missing that huge, clunky machine that sat atop our desks and/or laps. But there is good news for those going through mouse withdrawal.

With an app for everything from expense tracking to virtual assistants, there are also many to help take the place of your PC or Mac. To help ease the transition or turn your iPhone into a temporary substitute, we have collected 20 must-have apps to turn your iPhone into a personal computer. They can do everything from sub as a personal assistant to entertain. (more…)

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Top 50 Must-Read Blogs Before Attending Grad School

Those who have just completed four years of college are probably the last who would want to sign up for another round. However, hundreds of thousands of students do just that by signing on to a graduate school for a master’s, PhD, or other degree. With loads applying, few being accepted, and even fewer graduating, it can all seem like a daunting task that perhaps may seem not worth the effort.

For those on the fence about whether or not to attend graduate school to those who already know which and how they are applying to, we have gathered these top 50 must read blogs before attending grad school. A whole host of experts and students discuss everything from the applications process to how to pay for an education. (more…)

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