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The Ultimate Grad School Survival Guide

If you’ve been accepted into a master’s program, you may innately know that this level of schooling can be fierce. Additionally, your anxiety (as well as excitement) can feel overwhelming for this unknown experience. But, you can begin your research before you even begin your classes, by learning more about what you’ll need during your two-year master’s program. No matter your major, this guide can help you survive most grad school issues, such as learning how to read effectively and how to get ahead on some work that may fall into your lap during your second year. The following lists are categorized by your first and second years in school, and details a process that takes you from being a knowledge consumer to a knowledge producer. (more…)

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The 15 Most Prestigious Online Master’s Programs

If earning a master’s degree seems impossible with the added burdens of a job and family, you have the option of completing a master’s degree online rather than spending your time traveling to classes. And, if you worry about your educational accreditation or pedigree, the following list might brighten your day. The 15 most prestigious online master’s degree programs listed below include institutions such as Carnegie Mellon, Boston University and Stanford University. You can study courses as diverse as nursing to mechanical engineering and complete your master’s degree at your convenience in most situations.


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15 Financial Aid Opportunities You May Not Know About

If you’re seeking financial aid opportunities for college, you may already know about FastWeb, FAFSA and FinAid. But, you may not know about other “secrets” to reducing that college bill. The following 15 financial aid opportunities include ideas, tips and some little-known government grants that can save literally thousands of dollars for your college education. (more…)

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