20 Must-Have Apps to Turn Your iPhone Into Your Personal Computer

As anyone with an iPhone knows, it can replace just about any resource in the modern day world including day minder, contact book, game station, library, accountant, master’s degree, all while making the occasional phone call. But those of us who grew up in the tech era just might be missing that huge, clunky machine that sat atop our desks and/or laps. But there is good news for those going through mouse withdrawal.

With an app for everything from expense tracking to virtual assistants, there are also many to help take the place of your PC or Mac. To help ease the transition or turn your iPhone into a temporary substitute, we have collected 20 must-have apps to turn your iPhone into a personal computer. They can do everything from sub as a personal assistant to entertain.

Free Must-Have Apps to Turn Your iPhone Into Your Personal Computer

  1. Google Apps Who can remember what we did to look up stuff before Google? With an iPhone and these apps, you can actually look up the answer like never before. They have a search app that allows you to use a traditional text search as well as a voice, location, and even camera search. Google also offers other apps including Google Earth and Google Maps on this page.

  2. Dragon Dictation Don’t have dictation software on your computer? Just one more reason to leave it behind in favor of your iPhone. This app turns your spoken words into written words. Simply record on your iPhone, send, and have it sent back to you as text. Jeff Depascale has extensive experience with iPhone apps and writes all about it.

  3. Aji PDF Reader One of the most popular text documents, PDFs aren’t just for the computer anymore. This free app allows you to do many common tasks when working with a PDF and was named the best free PDF app by Make Use Of. It can even download a document directly from the web using the URL.

  4. eMailGanizer If the email app the iPhone came with isn’t enough for you, try out this replacement at no charge. This is an application for intelligently organizing and filing e-mail. It allows users to sort mail by file and folders, which can come in handy for those who need to save lots of messages. The app is available with ads for free or without for $5.

  5. Pageonce Do you have to bounce around from account to account and site to site to keep on top of all of your bills? That’s so personal computer. This amazing iPhone app actually manages all of your accounts from banking to Netlfix and more all on one program. Other than the danger of having your password jacked, it is the perfect iPhone app.

  6. Dropbox But what if the worst does happen and your iPhone is lost forever? Your files don’t have to be with the help of this app. All you need is a Dropbox account, a second to download your files to their site, and you can sit back with ease as they will now be accessible by iPhone, computer, or you can even email them to yourself.

  7. Seemsic You may have had to log into each of your Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts on computer individually, but this app takes all that needless typing out of the equation. Use it to log into all of your accounts, get updates, and customize as you like. The blogger at Media Bistro even has a video on how to use it.

  8. Air Video Work with streaming video with the help of this app. The app allows you to do all of your video encoding in real time, which saved the blogger at UserBytes loads of time. It also has great connectivity and an instructional video is here. Work with three videos on the free version, then spend the $2.99 on the full one if you like it.

  9. Uniqlo Calendar Check out one of the few free calendar apps for iPhone. It uses its own images and music to create an entirely different calendar app than the standard fare. Also a good choice for lovers of Japanese culture.

  10. VNC Mocha Do you still miss your computer? Then check out this app to access it straight from your iPhone. Just enter your IP address, server port, password, and you can get the next best thing to turning your iPhone into a computer.

Paid Must-Have Apps to Turn Your iPhone Into Your Personal Computer

  1. Atomic Web Browser Safari isn’t for everyone, especially those with $0.99 to spend and a love of surfing. The app features better tabs, full screen, downloads, search options, and much more. The blogger at IOS App Advice gave it four and a half out of five stars and raves all about it here.

  2. App Box Pro Turn your iPhone into what your computer could never be: a virtual Swiss Army knife of virtual tools for the low cost of only $0.99. It comes with many of the items offered in apps for the same price and maybe a few more. Twenty-one tools include flashlight, mirror, wallet, talk time, battery, calculators, and more.

  3. GoodReader Get a PDF reading app that can do more for only $0.99. Not only can it work well with PDF documents, but it also supports other formats, including Office. You can even use it to work with web pages, audio, and video files.

  4. Mailroom If you use Google Mail as well as all the features it comes with, this iPhone app is definitely worth a look. It can work with multiple email accounts and offers lots of options for only $1.99. The blogger at Smoking Apples uses it to manage all 34 of his accounts and has more on why it is well worth the price.

  5. CineXPlayer Love 3D movies and wish you could watch them on your iPhone? Then grab $1.99 and prepare to have your wish granted. You can watch the movie full screen, high quality, and get the cinema experience. It also includes a resume function and other features.

  6. ACT Printer Unfortunately even in the world of iPhones, hard copies can still be a must. But your iPhone doesn’t have to be a part of all that tree-destroying. This app can act as virtual paper, holding items such as electronic tickets, bar codes, coupons, etc. on one app. You can even send emails to yourself with the document attached.

  7. Week Calendar This iPhone app gets top reviews for its displays of calendar which is very similar to iCal for Mac. It also features easy to use navigation, adding, editing, and more. It sells for $1.99 and is raved about by the blogger at Gadgetero.

  8. Air Sharing Get $2.99 for this file management and sharing app to help store and backup your files. It supports all the formats found in a computer and can be used with ease. Best of all, you don’t need a separate account to use Air Share.

  9. Good Player Have a video file that won’t play on your iPhone? Then get $2.99 and this video player to work with all sorts of files including AVI, Xvid, Divx, WMV ,MKV, RM, RMVB, and others. It also offers play features, subtitle support, and even TV out/VGA support.

  10. Documents to Go Purchasing just about any version of Microsoft Office on a computer can run you well into the $100 range. However, those with an iPhone can work with the format for a measly $9.99. And unlike some versions of Office, this one lets you work in formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and Apples iWork.

Since many of these 20 must have apps to turn your iPhone into your personal computer are free, there is no need to worry if you are a student strapped for cash, as they can be downloaded and utilized or ignored as you see fit.

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